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Sunkind Energy Accelerates Towards Possible IPO in Next Two Years, Marking a Milestone in its Renewable Energy Journey

Sunkind Energy is revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape with its innovative and high-quality solar PV solutions, which have gained widespread recognition and trust in the market. It aims to expand its reach and impact by going public through an IPO. The renewable energy company, Sunkind Energy, is considering the possibility of an initial public offering (IPO) within the next two years as it seeks to capitalize on its success and further solidify its position in the renewable energy industry.

Sunkind, India’s leading solar solution provider, has grown its revenue 6,000 fold in the past four years, will be crossing the 100 crore mark in FY23, making it India’s leading provider of solar solutions. The company has commissioned over 53MW of projects, has a pipeline of 72MW projects under implementation, and has provided services to some marquee clients.

Sunkind has executed remarkable projects between April and December 2023, and the company expects to cross 100 Crore by year-end, according to Hanish Gupta, Founder & CEO of Sunkind Energy. Sunkind Energy stands out in the solar energy sector with its in-house Solar Structure manufacturing facility, providing a distinctive edge among other Solar EPC providers. As part of its ongoing strategic growth, Sunkind plans to expand into module manufacturing, Solar-plus-storage, and EV charging infrastructure.

This expansion underscores Sunkind’s steadfast commitment to innovation and exploration within the sustainable energy sector, highlighting the company’s dedication to spearheading advancements for a cleaner and more resilient energy future. “Sunkind has experienced a remarkable upward trajectory in revenue growth, surpassing industry standards,” he stated.

Hanish Gupta attributes this success to Sunkind Energy’s unwavering commitment to innovation and their adeptness at adapting to evolving market demands. He firmly believes that the company’s diverse portfolio of sustainable energy solutions has played a pivotal role in capturing a substantial market share, solidifying Sunkind’s position as a leader in the industry.”

Exciting new solar technologies that actually matter (and why they matter)

Exciting new solar technologies that actually matter (and why they matter)
Have you ever seen a news story about a new breakthrough in solar technology that promises to revolutionize the whole world? Promises of new materials and new breakthroughs in efficiency sure make for attention-grabbing headlines.

We’re here to tell you to take the headlines with a grain of salt. Some new technologies are many years (if not decades) away from being viable, while others are not likely to ever come to fruition.

The world already has amazing, high-efficiency solar technology that is revolutionizing the way we generate and use electricity. Existing technology was enough to lead the International Energy Agency to declare solar the “cheapest source of electricity in history.” And that was back in 2020.

Effectively, the world has what it already needs to bring us to 100% renewable energy. To borrow a phrase from Jigar Shah, we just need to “deploy, deploy, deploy” it.

That said, there are advancements that will verifiably continue to improve and augment our current technologies. Among them are new materials, new ways of building solar panels, and new places to put them. Let’s look at some of the recent advancements, why they matter, and how long it will take for them to have an impact on the world.

Waaree Energies to supply 200 MW solar panels to Ircon unit

Waaree Energies to supply 200 MW solar panels to Ircon unit
Solar panels maker Waaree Energies will supply over 200 MW of DCR category solar PV modules to IRCON Renewable Power, a special purpose vehicle of IRCON International

IRCON Renewable has been set up for a 500 MW grid-connected solar PV project, awarded by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA). The modules supplied by Waaree Energies will be utilized by IRCON in Pavagada, Karnataka.

With a capacity of 12 GW, Waaree Energies is India’s largest solar module manufacturer in terms of installed capacity, as well as an independent power producer. It has a presence in India as well as overseas.