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Open Access Solar Plants

Bringing a New and Brighter Future to India!

When an industry needs large amounts of energy but lacks an empty roof or ground-level space for a solar plant on their property, the team at Sunkind offers off-site commercial solar energy installations via the open-access solar power system.

Without requiring on-site installations, our creative solution enables industries to access clean, renewable solar energy produced by the most efficient off-site solar plants.

Types of Open-access Solar Plants

When you are looking for an open-access solar power plant for your industry in India, the Electricity Act of 2003 established rules for trade in the power industry.
Open-access solar power is categorised into the following categories depending on the location of the buyer and seller organisations:

Interstate open-access solar plant

  • The parties involved in this arrangement are from different states.
  • They must abide by the rules set forth by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC).
  • Under interstate open access solar power, getting the rights may be granted for a short, medium, or long tenure.
  • Intrastate open-access solar plant

  • The parties involved in this arrangement are both from the same state
  • Regulations set forth by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) are followed
  • It can be categorised as Short Term, Medium Term, and Long Term, varying depending on the legislation of the individual states
  • Let’s get into an open-access solar plant setup

    Reap the Benefits of Open-access Solar Plant

    When you partner up with Sunkind, you get to reap the powerful benefits of an open-access solar power plant.
  • Bring an influence in your industry by using the cleanest form of energy, solar energy, to power up your facilities
  • Cut down your electricity bills with significant cost savings
  • Be responsible towards your business functions and society
  • Adhere to the renewable energy regulations and goals
  • Get an independent and resilient energy supply
  • Why Choose Sunkind?

    Innovation at the Forefront

    Sunkind is actively engaged in the development of innovative solar tracker technologies and the establishment of in-house solar panel manufacturing lines.

    Driving Down Project Costs

    We work as a developer of utility-scale projects by cutting down project prices and ensuring competitive pricing for our clients.

    Transitioning to Utility-Scale Development

    As a solar developer, we intend to switch to a utility-scale developer model, guaranteeing a quicker return on investment and improved commercial viability.

    Pioneering Energy Storage Solutions

    Sunrise is actively developing energy storage solutions for solar activities. In order to provide energy independence for industries even in times of restricted solar availability, our solutions incorporate solar energy and battery storage.

    Lifelong Support and Maintenance

    Sunkind offers lifelong operation & maintenance solutions to assure consistent quality performance, giving our clients peace of mind even years following installation.

    Greener Applications and Uses

    Whether you have a large-scale industrial setup or commercial facility with the innovative and greener technology of an open-access solar power plant, you open doors to various applications.

    When integrated with Sunkind’s energy storage technology, your facility can use and store electrical power efficiently at reasonable expenses.

    Getting your electrical power from the nearest grid not only helps you save facility area but also saves a lot of money.

    Stable and long-term assurance of energy supply from the most dependable source of energy, the Sun.

    Our Major Projects

    We, as the best rooftop solar companies in India, have a widespread presence across the nation. We have completed successful projects in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Uttar Pradesh (UP), Uttarakhand, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Odisha, Haryana, and so on. We cover the 360 degree–the EPC, compliance part, land aggregation, land development, and hand holding in financing, operation, and maintenance.

    Capacity Range (kWp)


    End Users

    10 - 100

    Mandi (Delhi)
    Bawana (Delhi)
    Sonepat (HR)
    Sampla (Haryana)
    Raipur (C.G)

    Tulasi Center (Mental Research)
    Ram Kumar Contractor (Bawana)
    Ram Kumar Contractor (Sonepat)
    Supa Laminates
    Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills
    Amity International School

    100 - 500

    Sohna (Haryana)
    Gurgaon (Haryana)
    Balasore (OD)
    Bhiwadi (RJ)
    Bahadurgarh (Haryana)
    Dewas (MP)
    Assonora (Goa)

    Roop Automotives
    JK Business School
    Everest Industries Ltd.
    Club Mahindra - Resort
    Vidya Metal
    Somany Tiles
    Radiant Metal & Alloys
    Oyster Exim (Purasure)
    Ram Kumar Contractor (Bawana)
    Ram Kumar Contractor (Sonepat)

    500 - 1000

    Raipur (C.G)
    Hyderabad (TL)
    Hisar (Haryana)
    Ludhiana (PB)
    Alwar (RJ)

    Nahar Oswal Group
    Jindal Industries
    Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
    Jindal Stainless Ltd. (WIP)
    Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
    Jindal Stainless Ltd. (WIP)

    1000 - 2000

    Dharuhera (Haryana)
    Bhiwadi (RJ)

    Kajaria Tiles
    Vidya Metal

    2000 - 5000

    Hisar (Haryana)
    Hisar (Haryana) (WIP)
    Ludhiana (Punjab) (WIP)

    Jindal Industries (WIP)
    Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
    Jindal Stainless Ltd. (WIP)

    5000 - 10000

    Ludhiana (Punjab) (WIP)
    Assonora (Goa)

    Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
    Club Mahindra - Resort

    Harness the Power of Profitable Solar Farms

    Are you prepared to empower your business with affordable, sustainable energy? Because you choose to be a part of the GREENER WORLD,
    say goodbye to space constraints. With Sunkind, you get access to limitless solar energy for your business.
    Leave a greener footprint on society with the cleanest energy!

    Your Common Queries Answered

    Q1. What is an open-access solar plant?
    With Open Access, large consumers with linked loads over 1 MW can purchase affordable electricity on the open market. It benefits commercial and industrial customers by providing a steady supply of electricity at reasonable prices, and it also strengthens the power markets industry. Open access enables consumers to achieve their Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs). Open-access solar power plants eliminate the space limits of rooftop solar panels, making sustainable energy available to businesses with a limited area.
    Q2. What are the types of open-access solar plants based on duration?
    There are three different kinds of open access based on their duration:
    • Short Term Open Access (STOA) for 3 months to 3 years
    • Medium Term Open Access (MTOA) for 3 to 12 years
    • Long Term Open Access (LTOA) for 12 to 25 years
    Q3. Does Sunkind manufacture any solar plant project components?
    Yes, we provide in-house manufactured solar plant project components like solar installation structures, cable trays, earthing strips, safety lifelines and more.
    In addition to working closely on open-access solar plants, we are currently starting to make designs for hybrid systems that include solar, wind, and energy storage technologies. These techniques have the aim to substantially reduce energy expenses for major manufacturing plants while offering a 24/7 power supply.
    Q5. Which clients use open access in solar power plants?
    The open access concept is designed for business and industrial clients who want to get their electricity right from the power source at the most affordable possible price. Under the terms of a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the client pays for the energy that is provided to it directly from the supplier.