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Ascend with Rooftop Solar Excellence - Sunkind


Ascend with Rooftop Solar Excellence
Discover comprehensive rooftop solar services that involve meticulous planning, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems on building summits. From roof compatibility assessments to installing solar panels and mounting structures, and seamless grid connection, our skilled professionals guarantee system efficiency. We provide monitoring tools and offer timely maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Opting for our rooftop solar services not only promotes sustainable energy practices but also leads to reduced electricity costs, often qualifying for financial incentives—a preferred choice for industrial applications.

Grounded in Excellence

Ground-Mounted Solar Solutions
Our ground-mounted solar services specialize in the installation and maintenance of solar panel systems on the ground, bypassing traditional rooftop setups. This approach is particularly beneficial when ample land is available. Our services encompass site assessment, solar array design, mounting structure installation, electrical system connection, and the implementation of advanced monitoring tools. Ground-mounted solar systems offer scalability, making them ideal for large-scale energy production. They provide flexibility in system design, ensure optimal sun exposure, and are frequently utilized in utility-scale projects or in scenarios where rooftop space is limited.

Open Access

Empower Your Energy Future with Sunkind’s Open Access Solar Plant
Unlock the potential of Open Access Solar Plants—a key to sustainable energy independence. Seamlessly harness solar power through our shared infrastructure, reducing costs and environmental impact. Gain access to clean, renewable energy without on-site installations. With Sunkind’s Open Access Solar Plants, embrace a flexible and efficient approach to meet your energy demands, contributing to a greener future. Power your business with convenience and sustainability, making a positive impact on both your bottom line and the planet.

Opex Solar Project

SUNKIND takes the lead in establishing and financing independent solar plants, offering direct power supply to industries. Invoicing is based on the energy consumption from the solar facility. Enjoy significantly reduced Operational Expenditure (Opex) solar tariffs, often up to 40% lower than conventional Grid Tariffs in many states. SUNKIND takes on complete responsibility for comprehensive Asset Management, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance of the solar infrastructure. Our commitment to Guaranteed Performance ensures assured savings, reinforcing the reliability and economic benefits of transitioning to solar energy.

CAPEX Solar Excellence

Embark on a solar journey with SUNKIND’s CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) approach, initiating solar plants through a comprehensive turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract, inclusive of full operation and maintenance services. Experience a remarkable Return on Investment within 20 months, supported by a warranted operational life exceeding 25 years.

1. High Return on Investment: Achieve an Equity Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to the tune of an impressive 54%, underlining the financial attractiveness of the investment.
2. Tax Advantages: Benefit from substantial tax savings with a 40% accelerated depreciation, enhancing the economic viability of the solar project.
3. Long-Term Value: Realize increased operational value over the system’s warranted life, providing sustainable and enduring benefits to your operations.
Choose CAPEX for a financially sound and enduring solar investment with SUNKIND

Operation & Maintenance

Ensuring the peak performance and longevity of a solar energy system, our operational maintenance services encompass a range of routine activities. This includes regular inspections to detect issues like damaged panels or loose connections, thorough cleaning to eliminate dirt and debris, continuous monitoring of inverters and electrical components, and swift resolution of any performance variations. Our comprehensive approach extends to vegetation management, weatherproofing, software updates and emergency repairs. Proper record-keeping and training for system operators contribute to the holistic care of solar panel services, maximizing energy production and safeguarding investments in renewable energy technology.

Quick Installation

Easy & Predictable Savings

No Regulatory Risk or Expenses

No Facility Upgrade Needed

Long-term Power Certainty

Flexibility With Power Banking

Transition 100% Of Power Demand

Low Maintenance

25 Year + Performance Warranty

Embark on a Solar Transformation with SUNKIND

Initiate your journey into solar excellence with SUNKIND.
Whether you're a business owner, industrialist, engaged in commercial projects, or a committed green advocate, we stand as your esteemed partner in delivering sophisticated and sustainable energy solutions. Let's collaboratively harness the power of the sun and illuminate a pathway towards a sustainable future

Together, let's pave the way for a greener future