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Solar Maintenance

Maintained Solar Plant for a Greener Tomorrow!

As the world welcomes and counts on solar PV grid-connected plants for industrial and commercial uses, Sunkind has the experience and competence in all elements of solar power plant maintenance and operation to assist in delivering maximum power.

We are committed to ensuring that the solar power systems we create and put in place function efficiently for years to come. We support you at every stage, from equipment maintenance to remote monitoring and on-site technicians on the job.

We carry out routine cleaning to remove pollutants and debris, continual observation of inverters and electrical wiring, fast resolution of any operational discrepancies, and audits to identify problems like defective panels or loose wiring.

What are Sunkind’s Solar Maintenance Services?

A solar power plant is a substantial financial commitment, but with the right upkeep and servicing, your solar panels could generate clean, dependable power for more than twenty-five years. It is always a good thought to entrust solar power maintenance to experts like Sunkind professionals since solar panels entail significant electrical charges, have advanced features, and require premium pieces of machinery.

Regular Cleaning

To make sure the solar panels are clear of dust and debris, routine inspection and cleaning of the solar power cells is necessary. Sunkind provides visual system inspections as part of its solar maintenance services. We’re equipped with a team of professionals who can clean your solar panels thoroughly to remove dirt and debris.

Regular Inspections

When managing solar panel faults such as hotspots, fractures, or delamination, it is essential to determine whether replacing or repairing the solar panel is the best course of action. Sunkind’s monitoring capabilities make it possible to identify irregularities in solar panels, which facilitates an immediate modification of these problems.

Remote Monitoring

In order to spot malfunctions and maximise efficiency, a solar power plant must be regularly monitored. This operation might be conducted on-site or remotely by the professionals at Sunkind, allowing them to access every bit of data from the inverter or communication devices.

Electrical Repairing

Electrical issues should be handled cautiously because they might be dangerous. It is important to ensure that all connections are secured and that hardware is operating properly. When it comes to spotting technical issues and making timely repairs, Sunkind’s monitoring skills can be quite valuable.

Advantages: Brought to you by Solar Power Maintenance

Little knicks and knacks here and there can lead to long-term damage and ineffectiveness of solar panels. With Sunkind,
all your troubles can vanish away with proper maintenance of your solar plants.

Why Choose Sunkind?

Sunkind Offers

Sunkind offers unmatched experience and years of expertise working in the solar sector to each venture.

We Invest

We invest in and set up premium solar components to guarantee enduring dependability and performance.

Complete Assistance

We offer complete assistance at every step of your solar journey, from the first consultation through installation and continuing maintenance.

Joining Hands

By joining hands with Sunkind, you help to promote our efforts to broaden renewable energy usage and combat global warming.

Our Major Projects

We, as the best rooftop solar companies in India, have a widespread presence across the nation. We have completed successful projects in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Uttar Pradesh (UP), Uttarakhand, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Odisha, Haryana, and so on. We cover the 360 degree–the EPC, compliance part, land aggregation, land development, and hand holding in financing, operation, and maintenance.

Capacity Range (kWp)


End Users

10 - 100

Mandi (Delhi)
Bawana (Delhi)
Sonepat (HR)
Sampla (Haryana)
Raipur (C.G)

Tulasi Center (Mental Research)
Ram Kumar Contractor (Bawana)
Ram Kumar Contractor (Sonepat)
Supa Laminates
Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills
Amity International School

100 - 500

Sohna (Haryana)
Gurgaon (Haryana)
Balasore (OD)
Bhiwadi (RJ)
Bahadurgarh (Haryana)
Dewas (MP)
Assonora (Goa)

Roop Automotives
JK Business School
Everest Industries Ltd.
Club Mahindra - Resort
Vidya Metal
Somany Tiles
Radiant Metal & Alloys
Oyster Exim (Purasure)
Ram Kumar Contractor (Bawana)
Ram Kumar Contractor (Sonepat)

500 - 1000

Raipur (C.G)
Hyderabad (TL)
Hisar (Haryana)
Ludhiana (PB)
Alwar (RJ)

Nahar Oswal Group
Jindal Industries
Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
Jindal Stainless Ltd. (WIP)
Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
Jindal Stainless Ltd. (WIP)

1000 - 2000

Dharuhera (Haryana)
Bhiwadi (RJ)

Kajaria Tiles
Vidya Metal

2000 - 5000

Hisar (Haryana)
Hisar (Haryana) (WIP)
Ludhiana (Punjab) (WIP)

Jindal Industries (WIP)
Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
Jindal Stainless Ltd. (WIP)

5000 - 10000

Ludhiana (Punjab) (WIP)
Assonora (Goa)

Nahar Oswal Group (WIP)
Club Mahindra - Resort

Ensure Your Solar Investment Shines Bright

Don’t let your solar energy system dim over time. Keep it performing at its peak with Sunkind Energy’s maintenance services. Our expert team will provide regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity for your solar setup.
Transform the World with Clean, Green, Maintained Use of Energy!

Your Common Queries Answered

Q1. What is solar operation and maintenance?
After being installed, solar energy systems must go through operations and maintenance (O&M) in order to perform effectively and satisfy energy generation goals over the solar system’s lifespan, therefore extending its lifespan.
Q2. How do I know whether my solar power system requires maintenance?
A smart way to start whenever you think that your solar panel system requires maintenance is to look at how much electricity it generates and make sure it is generating the appropriate quantity of power. Another way to gain additional information is to go through your electricity bill. If you see a significant change in how much power you use generated by the grid, you must contact Sunkind for solar plant maintenance and servicing.
Q3. Are solar panels high maintenance?
Solar panels generally require modest maintenance aside from regular cleaning, as well as keeping them clear of barriers that may cast shadows on the solar panels. For maximum performance, solar panels require unhindered access to the sun.
Q4. What is the working principle of a solar power plant?
When the energy reaches a solar cell, it produces electrons and generates electrical current. Solar panels function by effectively converting sunlight into electrical energy. However, the electricity produced is in the form of direct current, which can be readily converted to alternating current. The transformed electricity will be used to power all of the machinery.
Q5. Which clients do Sunkind cater to for solar power plant services?
As of the present day, Sunkind caters to commercial and industrial clients, both private and government. We provide rooftop, ground-mounted, open-access solar plants. We also work on Capex and Opex projects.