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Ground Mount

Empowering Your Grounds to Embrace Sunlight With High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Your rooftop is not the only place to install a solar plant! If sustainability and cost-efficiency are your topmost priorities as a commercial industry, and you don’t find an idle rooftop– use your ground!
Sunkind Energy is well-equipped with sustainable energy solutions for your commercial solar ground mount. We employ the best technological advancements to install solar panels ground mounted systems in various areas. A ground mount solar can turn your barren ground to produce high-efficiency solar power. What’s even better? Our ground mounted solar plant solutions result in significant savings while helping the environment.

What is a Solar Ground Mount for C&I?

For the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector, we come forward with ground mount solar solutions. Now, the open useless grounds beside your factories, warehouses, farms, etc., can be put to productive use. Ground mounted solar power plants operate similarly to rooftop solar systems, requiring PV panels for large-scale energy production. Positioned for maximum sun absorption, we equip them with tracking options which allow the panels to MOVE WITH THE SUN!

Our Diverse Solar Ground Mount Solutions

Sunkind is the leading provider of innovative solar power systems for businesses, guaranteeing green power and empowering them to prosper in their market. We provide novel mounting techniques with ground mounted solar structures that secure solar panels. We promise cost-efficiency and customisability with 100 per cent sustainability.

Traditional Ground Mounted Solar Plant

Traditional ground mounted solar panels are ideal for those with ample land space and clear ground conditions. They anchor securely into the earth, utilising steel beams or anchor systems like helical piles. Suitable for brownfields or capped landfills, they can also be ballasted with concrete blocks for stability without penetrating the ground.

Solar Tracking Systems

Solar tracking systems are perfect for anyone looking to get the most energy out of their ground-mounted solar arrays. These motorised mounts modify panel angles dynamically to follow the sun’s path, guaranteeing optimal sunlight exposure throughout the day. Users can customise their system for increased efficiency and performance by selecting single- or dual-axis tracking.

Carports and Canopies Solar Systems

Solar carports and canopies provide creative alternatives for commercial environments like schools and business campuses. They provide shade while also capturing solar energy via solid concrete foundations and steel beam support. They can range in size from single-row covers to large structures and include electric vehicle charging stations, which improves sustainability and functionality.

Our Process of Commercial Solar Ground Mount Installation

We follow an organised procedure from the initial consultation to installation, followed by ongoing maintenance and assistance.

Tailored Solutions by Sunkind India

We provide large-scale solar panels ground mounted systems to provide tailored solar solutions for commercial clients using various mounting techniques. Our team of specialists will design, install, and maintain solar power systems that are compatible with your energy goals and operational needs.

Sunkind India provides specialised ground mounted solar panels for the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as design, installation, project finance, and maintenance services. Our skilled team optimises energy production and space utilisation while offering flexible funding alternatives for low-cost solar adoption.

Why Choose Sunkind?

Quality and Dependability

We build and operate high-quality solar components for ground-mount systems to ensure long-term performance and dependability.

Cost Effectiveness

Sunkind Energy uses in-house manufacturing capabilities for solar project components, ensuring cost-effectiveness and high-quality standards while lowering project expenses.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide Lifetime Operation and Maintenance (O&M) solutions that provide consistent, exceptional performance and peace of mind.

Vertical Integration

We produce solar panels and use licenced solar tracker technologies, resulting in lower costs and more competitive pricing for ground-mounted systems.

Utility-Scale Development

The switch to a utility-scale developer model allows us to take on huge ground-mount projects with more financial feasibility and a faster ROI.

Energy Storage Solutions

We provide integrated ground-mount solar energy and battery storage solutions to ensure energy independence even during poor solar availability seasons.

Capex Model Action

We endorse the Capital Expenditure (Capex) model, which appeals to visionary entrepreneurs and businesses capable of making initial expenditures with a target ROI of 3 to 4 years.

Financial Viability

We ensure the financial viability of ground-mount solar installations by continuing to generate and sell electricity using the Opex model.

Knowledge & Experience

With years of experience in the solar industry, our team delivers unparalleled knowledge to all ground-mount projects.

Comprehensive Service

From initial consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, we guarantee complete assistance for your ground-mount solar journey.

Our Major Projects

We provide one of the top ground-mounted solar solutions in India. We have successfully completed projects in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Odisha, Haryana, and elsewhere. We complete the EPC, compliance, land aggregation, and land development and provide finance, operation, and maintenance support.

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End Users


Durg, C.G.

Barbarik Tie-up Pvt. Ltd.


Durg, C.G.

Radheshree Wires & Coils Pvt. Ltd.


Durg, C.G.

Maniram Steel Pvt. Ltd.


Raipur, C.G.

Varun Steels


Durg, C.G.

NR Wires Pvt. Ltd.


Tungi, MH

Club Mahindra – Resort


Virajpet, KTK

Club Mahindra – Resort


Palwal, Haryana

Dinesh Chandra R Agarwal Infracon (NHAI)


Bhilwara, RJ

Textile Industry


Hisar, HR

Jindal Polybutton Pvt. Ltd.

Earn Profits From Your Open Barren Ground With Clean, Renewable Solar Energy

Are you prepared to charge up with a great ground mounted solar structure? No more stressing about the unused ground. Contact us immediately!
Discover our ground mounted solar systems for clean and green solar energy!

Use Green Power That Your Barren Land Can Generate!

If ground mounting is not the right choice for your space, we will present you with the best alternatives to help you make an
informed and forward-thinking decision. All you need is the will to GO GREEN!

Your Common Queries Answered

Q1. How can we boost solar energy production using a ground-mounted solar system?
Ground-mounted solar systems have the advantage of including solar tracking equipment. These gadgets contain sensors that follow the light path and move the panels in the correct direction to enhance power generation.
Q2. How are Sunkind’s solar solutions cost-effective?
Sunkind’s solar solutions are cost-effective due to several key factors:
  • Internal manufacturing process streamlines production, lowers costs, and ensures that crucial components arrive on time.
  • Careful design and installation techniques maximise energy output while minimising operational costs.
  • Maximum energy harvesting with modern technology improves overall system efficiency and ROI.
  • Strict quality control standards throughout in-house manufacture ensure consistent performance and lower maintenance costs.
  • Customisable solutions check individual customer requirements, allowing for effective project adaption and cost optimisation.
  • The entire life cycle costs evaluation takes into account elements such as durability and maintenance, providing clients with long-term savings and value.
Q3. What makes Sunkind Energy Solar Solutions unique?
Sunkind Energy Solar Solutions offers top-notch service and performance by adhering to 28 domestic and international standards. We prioritise structural design, optimising layout, and minimising costs. We focus on energy harvesting, leveraging advanced technologies, and ensuring human safety throughout the project lifecycle. These collective efforts strengthen our position as a leader in the solar energy industry, offering reliable, efficient, and human-safe solar solutions for various applications.
Q4. Does Sunkind Energy collaborate with other organisations or partners in the solar energy sector?
Our solar energy collaborations vary depending on the specific opportunities or needs given by each form of collaboration. We may form partnerships, joint ventures, or agreements with other organisations or partners in the industry. However, the type and scope of this cooperation would be influenced by the specific circumstances and purposes involved.