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Everything you need to know about solar cell

Increasing problems of climate change, global warming, ozone layer depletion, and more, are the result of greenhouse gases that fossil fuels emit. Hence, going solar is the need of the hour.

If you are planning to install a solar system to meet your electricity requirements, congrats, you are taking the best step to make your surroundings worth living.

After the invention of solar panels that consist of a multi junction solar cell, it is possible to convert most sunlight into electricity.

Curious to learn more about this latest invention? Continue reading to understand all the details about multijunction solar cells.

What are Multijunction Solar Cells?


As the name suggests, a multi junction solar cell is made with different layers of semiconductors. These layers play the role of absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity.

Now you may think about the need to have multiple layers of semiconductors.

Well, sunrays have different wavelengths, and this is the basic reason why you see seven colours in a rainbow. When the rays of different wavelengths hit a multi junction solar cell, they get absorbed.

This way, solar panels with multiple junctions have higher efficiency than traditional ones.

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