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Why Monsoons Are The Right Time To Install Solar

Should you even consider installing solar during the rainy season?

Will solar generate power when there is no sun, and only rain?

What about rusting and corrosion during heavy rains?

As surprising as it may sound, installing solar during monsoons is not just possible, but even sensible. Here’s why:

1. Rains affect mounting structures, not panels
Your solar panels come with a built-in raincoat! Yes, they’re waterproof.

Now, the mounting structure, that’s where you want to direct your rust-related worries.

You want structures that are coated and galvanized with zinc – structures that stand strong against the threat of rust. Like ours, which have been approved by IIT Bombay for their strength and durability. So, rust? Not on our watch!

2. Prices of solar components keep increasing
Now, you might be thinking about putting off that installation until the rainy season passes. You might want to reconsider that.

The prices of solar components aren’t very patient, they tend to increase over time. The sooner you act, the more you save – on equipment and on those energy bills!

3. Monsoons only slow down power generation, they don’t stop it
You see, solar panels feed off light, not heat. So, even during a downpour, they keep generating electricity. True, their power generation drops during a heavy downpour, but they make up for it big time during summer. That’s right, they’re summer-loving’ powerhouses!

4. You get to test the strength of the mounts practically against monsoon winds
Delaying installation to avoid monsoon winds is not practical. Your structure will be subjected to the same high winds in the next rainy season.

Instead of delaying installation, you should focus on installing strong mounting structures. For instance, our mounting structures hold firm against cyclonic winds of up to 170 mph.

5. Rainfall plays a crucial role in naturally cleaning solar panels
Rainfall naturally tackles a significant portion of dirt build-up. This ensures your panels remain clean during a season when manual cleaning could be tricky.

Additionally, partnering with a solar company like ours, offering comprehensive after-sales service, guarantees timely debris removal. We take care of your panel cleaning so you don’t have to.

With these five solid reasons, you shouldn’t hesitate to install a rooftop solar system just because the monsoons have arrived.

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